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So lately I have been crazy about watching YouTube product review videos! I don't know why but I LOVE to hear about others experiences on things I am thinking about trying, but don't want to invest in without hearing unbiased opinions.. From hair products, to subscription boxes, to As Seen on TV products.. I'm always on YouTube looking lol! That's where I stumbled across a few videos of people reviewing items they got for FREE from companies looking for honest consumers to test their products on.. How awesome is that right ya'll?! You know you love free things especially us country peeps whose idea of cheap is FREE! That's where came into my life... What's so amazing about this company is that they recruit regular folks like Me and hopefully YOU to take a few surveys about things that we like and use everyday and pair us up with sponsored companies looking to get their products out there and spread by word of mouth, social networking and blogging (hint, hint) ;)


The website is so simple to use by a few simple steps:

  1. Create a account using your email address or link your Facebook page
  2. Fill in your personal info (name, birthdate, etc)
  3. Complete the surveys listed on your "Dashboard" (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Check back often to see if you qualify for the products they have sponsors for 
When you qualify for a "mission" to test a product make sure you "Accept" the mission and complete the activities listed for that mission once you test the product. Most of the time it's simple activities like tells your friends about the item your trying and document it on the website, write a review about the product on the website, post a few statues on your 
Facebook page or Twitter Account and snap a few photos to share with the Smiley360 team..
It's that simple really! They chose who will try the products based on geographical location, age, gender, etc.. Something's you may not qualify for but don't fret you will get a mission! 

I've been a member for about 5 weeks and already have 4 missions going.. Check out my missions by clicking the links below.. Don't forget to mention every time you talk, review or post about a product that you are reviewing it for free through! 

Click to see the things I have gotten to try for FREE to review:

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