Vegetarian 101

A Vegetarian in the Country.....
Whats a Vegetarian?
Well that's a good question!
We are the kind of people that believe fruit and vegetables should be the star of every dish!
We prefer not to consume any animal or parts of an animal as a personal choice.
We value our animal friends and want to help preserve their lives by choosing to eat other sustainable foods that are better for us and taste pretty #Delicious too!
Why become a Vegetarian?
Another good question!
Not only does becoming a vegetarian mean you have chosen to a save a animal., but it also means you are committing yourself to a healthier outlook on your own life.
With eating a animal free diet, you can often find that the health benefits are grand.
Most often your cholesterol will be at a same level (decrease chance of clogged arteries!)

What kinds of food do Vegetarians eat?
Yet again another great question!
As a Vegetarian we enjoy all kinds of varieties of vegetables such as: Potatoes,Carrots,Onions,Eggplant,Peppers, any vegetable you can think of we typically love!
We also enjoy all fruits: Apples, Bananas,Grapes,Pineapple,Watermelon just to name a  few.
Proteins from foods like: Beans, Nuts and Meat Alternatives
Dairy: Milk and Cheese, ICE CREAM ;)
Fiber from Breads and Pastas!
 Is being Vegetarian different from being Vegan?
The answer is YES!
Being Vegan differs from being Vegetarian because as a Vegetarian you choose to not consume the meat, flesh and bones of any animal, but DO choose to consume animal by products such as Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream.. etc.
As a Vegan, you would choose to NOT consume ANY animal, flesh and bone NOR would you consume any animal by product such as dairy. I can not tell you which is better, Vegan or Vegetarian because the choice is yours. I chose to become a vegetarian for a few reasons both personal and humanitarian reasons. Each of us has the right to chose whats best for us and to tolerate others choices on what they feel is best for them!
Hope ya'll enjoyed learning about what it is to be Vegetarian!
I have lived this lifestyle for 15 years of my life & loved the decision I made!
Any Questions or Comments?
Hugs & Cake,


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